Friday, April 3, 2009

Give me strength

Tonight was youth for the boys. We have quite a crew going every friday. I love that those boys are getting to know Christ. He knows that they have all had rough lives so far and He wants to give them what they need to be strong, caring, loving men. I sometimes wish I could fix it all for them. I cannot. I am so heartbroken that my youngest admitted that he hadn't given his heart to Christ like he had confessed to me a couple years ago. For a couple of days I was so mad. I wanted to yell at him for his lie and for him not being right with God. But I hardly think this would be the way to show him the love of Christ. So I pretended that the reason I was mad was because I was tired.

I have been there where he is. Where your mom is pushing the religion hard. I have to remember that God has his arms around my boy and when the time is right he will show His love and my boy will accept Jesus into his heart. It is so hard not to force his hand. Hubby has a much softer hand in these things. I think John is a little off-kilter knowing this about DS. He actually tried to arguing.

I will pray some more for tact and love and understanding for myself with my son. He is a smart kid and I am not sure if I should reason with him for Christ or what. I am almost thinking that because DS and I are so alike that hubby should take him away for a weekend and talk about what Christ means to him. My sons adore their dad, he is showing them how to grow up to be a real man. How to stand by your wife and deal with all the stuff in life without alcohol or violence or sarcasm (okay maybe a wee bit of sarcasm...but only if it's funny).

God you know my son and you know what he needs to come to you. He will be great in your kingdom. Please give us the wisdom to say what you want us to say and do what you want us to do and to be silent when you want us to shut up.