Friday, July 24, 2009

Please God...grant me strength and health

We go to Joli-B tomorrow. This is not going to be one of those wise or even theological posts. This is one of those "Please God get me through the next week posts". Joli-B is a bible family camp 9 hours drive away. We are taking our 2 plus 2 neighbour boys who are so close to giving their lives to Christ. I think. It is a whole lotta fun. Here is the problem.

I have had such bad diarrhea lately (I have IBS) that I cannot go farther than 30 seconds from a washroom. I tried to go visit my mom and my brother and I had to turn back. I would go 20 minutes and then need to stop for 20 minutes. It took me 5 hours to go a distance that would usually take 3 hours. It kills me not to have the ability to see my mom and my brother when I want. They are not long for this world and I would wish to be close to them. I cried all the way home. Part of the problem was that I needed to eat and drink to stay awake, but the eating and drinking caused me to need to stay near a washroom for the inevitable emergency. I think for the trip to Joli B I will just take a sleeping pill and not eat. I may make it that way. That means that John will be driving for the whole 9 hours. We were going to leave after dinner tomorrow but I think it would be better for Hubby if we leave after lunch so that he can drive in the day...better for him. We will get there in time to go in the pool and have some supper.

I just need not to be sick...please please God. I want to be there for them all.


Connie Walsh said...

In a unexpected move, God sent "aunt flo" to help. I guess He thinks I am stronger than I thought.